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Influencing the Hesitant and Silent

This session and much more can be found on the Hasbara Toolbox website, the "command center for effective Israel advocacy" that I founded together with other experts in the field.

As part of our weekly sessions with the leaders of civic Hasbara war rooms in Israel, I interviewed Yifat Leder, an expert in change messaging and a lecturer at Rotterdam University.

Yifat and I have been speaking for the last few weeks about the messaging that is most effective to reach the "Silent Majority" who either support Israel, support both Israel AND the Palestinians, support neither or simply don't know who they support or refuse to answer the question when asked in a survey. It is this audience that I recommend engaging with, with the view of generating more empathy amongst them towards Israel, as part of the post-October 7 wartime strategy I have been promoting.

The session is in Hebrew, and contains about half an hour of a discussion between Yifat and I and then a Q&A session with the participants. We talked about:

  • Segmenting audiences, specifically that "Silent Majority" into more segments and understanding their motivations;

  • What lessons Yifat learned from her consulting the government of Israel on how to encourage Israelis to get vaccinated against Covid, and how they apply to influencing audiences around the world to be more supportive of Israel;

  • What we should really try to avoid and what we should do when we start acting as keyboard warriors to defend Israel (e.g. make sure you know your audience, try not to attack them personally, make sure your own argument is foolproof before you try to find fault in theirs, etc.);

  • And a suggestion from Yifat to the content creation war rooms to prepare for the event that the International Court of Justice declares that Israel did not commit genocide and has a right to defend itself.


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